Mah kittiez:

Sadly, I have few images on my hard drive, and I am really very bad at coming up with clever, catchy phrases to tack onto an image. *g* But here’s an image from my childhood, circa age 6, and what I am SURE must have been going through my head at the time:

The next picture, which unfortunately I do not have in digital form, captures not just I, but both cousins adjacent to me peering avidly into my lunchbox as well.


My LibraryThing Catalog

I am compelled to admit that although I’ve owned a GoodReads account for going on three years, I have never actually used it except to keep track of what my friends are reading. To me, these nifty little things are interesting mostly in how they can work socially — if I didn’t know anybody on the Internet and didn’t want to, I would not feel compelled to post pictures or reviews or whatnot. Is a sound a sound if there’s nobody around to hear it? Do our Internet endeavors actually exist if there’s nobody with whom to share them? *g*

(Not that that explains why I haven’t posted reviews to my GoodReads account, of course. That is just pure laziness. If I like a book I will just shove it towards my friends and say “READ IT OR DIE!”)


The Public Domain E-books Search has got to be the coolest thing ever; I never knew it existed! Of course, these days I get my e-book fix through IRC, coughcough (I do buy those that I enjoy!), but e-books already in the public domain are much easier on the conscience.

Because I am totally lame and unimaginative, I created a World of Warcraft search engine.


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