Communal Sandbox

A few years ago, some friends and I decided to do a short comic together — we would collaborate on the ‘screenplay’, and then Friend A, the actual artist among us, would do the drawing.

We never actually completed it, but we did have a lot of fun hashing out the plot over MSN. We created a private Livejournal community for our project, and edited the screenplay through the unwieldy process of each person making a new post for each draft, with each person highlighting their own changes with a certain color. It wasn’t convenient, but we continued on because we didn’t know of any better way.

Fast-forward to this year, and our Computer Purchase project. Our group used Google Docs to manage the assignment collaboratively, and it went amazingly smoothly (except for a bit of fumbling when we tried to copy the spreadsheet to MSWord without losing the format). Things were easy to edit, easy to identify, and it was easy to check past versions of the document. I still think it was pretty fun.

Another thing I’ve used Google Docs for to great effect is keeping track of household expenses with roommates. I’m kind of a scatter-brained person when it comes to keeping track of outbound money, but one of my roommates (who was interning with Google at the time and who recently found a job with them despite the recession, congrats to him!) set up the spreadsheet, and all I had to do was input the shared household expenses that I paid for each month into the proper cell, and voila! All was recorded and calculated for the random day when we decided to settle our shares.

So yes, Google Docs definitely has my thumb’s up. *g*



Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better heading through the rumbling of gastric juices. I decided to check out Im Cooked, a website devoted to cooking videos, and it may not have been a good idea, because I am very hungry now.

It seems to be built mostly along the familiar Youtube lines, just with food as the central theme. I’m a very lazy and indifferent cook myself, and I’ve done some horrible things with food before due to ignorance — a recipe can only tell you so much! — so videos should definitely be helpful.

But, oh my god, it is probably a good idea not to browse this site unless your stomach is already very full.


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