value of leadership

The dinner was rather awful, but I really enjoyed this talk. It touched on issues that have become a recurring theme through our classes — relevancy, keeping up, user-centric orientation. The tale of the Encyclopedia Britannica is educational and also a bit chilling, which I suppose is what it was meant to be: I associate the Encyclopedia Britannica with libraries still, and even though it hasn’t died out, it’s no longer even close to the authoritative source it once was. And one would not wish that upon the library institution.

The pace of change these days is a bit frightening, I suppose. And though the lecture did a good job of assuaging that fear, of pointing out ways that libraries can adapt to face this current situation, things will continue to change and soon we’ll have to remake ourselves again and it seems as though there will never be any point at which one can actually stop and rest for a bit.

That’s an exaggeration, of course. I’ve never had any trouble keeping up with all the shifting trends of technology, and that was without trying, something that simply happened as a result of being interested in new things and sticking with the ones that offered the most. I suppose that’s really the basis of what’s called for, in the end — staying alert and aware and not being afraid to try out new things, of going with what works best.


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